Oppenheimer Park decampment continues in Vancouver DTES

Vancouver Park Rangers were back at Oppenheimer Park Wednesday, marking the second day of decampment efforts this week.

Rangers were seen evicting people living in the space, a day after they descended on the park and forced dozens of people out, removing more than 20 tents.

Advocates CityNews spoke with claimed rangers were confiscating some belongings, leaving individuals feeling angry and humiliated.

In a statement Tuesday, the City of Vancouver did not directly address questions asked, but mentioned ongoing collaboration with the province to establish long-term housing solutions.

“The City of Vancouver continues to work in partnership with the Government of British Columbia, including BC Housing, to respond to homelessness by building longer-term supportive and social housing, and activating emergency shelter spaces, as well as by advocating for adequate income, health, and housing support in communities across the region,” the statement reads.

The city added items are only discarded if deemed soiled or drug-related.

The Vancouver Police Department (VPD) confirmed Wednesday its officers were “standing by” at the request of the Park Board, “while their staff does work in the park.”

The decampment efforts come the same week Vancouver is being hit with its first cold snap of the year.

Arctic outflows are bringing cooler temperatures to the region this week, with daytime highs of -3°C to -5°C for some parts of the Lower Mainland in the coming days.

There is also a chance of snow in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday.

-With files from Michael Williams and Srushti Gangdev

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