B.C. bars and restaurants banking on ‘Taylor Swift effect’ this Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us, and struggling bars and restaurants across B.C. are placing their bets on the “Taylor Swift effect” to score a financial touchdown for their bottom line.

The buzz around Swift’s recent relationship with Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end playing in Sunday’s matchup, is expected to draw a larger audience to this year’s game, with some anticipating it may be the most-watched event of 2024.

Local establishments stand to benefit as more patrons are expected to fill seats in bars and restaurants.

Ian Tostenson, President of the BC Restaurant and Food Services Association, highlights that this game’s appeal extends beyond football. “It’s about the entertainment around it, you got Taylor Swift, Usher, so I think you’re going to see more participation, not just like a guys’ afternoon, but more women and females interested as well too.”

“Any venue that has a big screen will likely be full.”

Tostenson predicts a substantial sales boost of 40 to 50 percent for most restaurants or bars, potentially surpassing any other Sunday this year. “Anything that brings people out, like the Super Bowl, is really good for us,” he added.

It will likely also be a significant win for food delivery services. “Companies like UberEATS, etc. will be very busy because there will be people who decide to stay home, but they don’t want to cook.”

This positive outlook comes in the wake of recent concerns raised by B.C. restaurants about the struggling local hospitality industry.

A campaign last month highlighted that 50 percent of food service and hospitality businesses in B.C. are currently unprofitable.

With files from Emma Crawford, Charlie Carey, and Liza Yuzda.

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