B.C. coroner’s jury hears from victim’s son about night of fatal hostage taking

By The Canadian Press

The son of a woman killed in a hostage standoff in Surrey, B.C., in 2019 says he stood a block away watching as a “tank” was brought in, and heard multiple flashbangs going off on the night his mother was accidentally shot by police.

Brandon McEwen told the jury on the first day of a coroners inquest that he called 911 that night because his father, who lived nearby, heard a loud bang and a scream from the home where his mom, Nona McEwan, lived with her partner Randy Crosson. 

B.C.’s police watchdog cleared officers of wrongdoing and reported that RCMP officers shot at Crosson, killing him at the scene, but also accidentally hit McEwan with two bullets and she later died in hospital.

McEwen testified that he told the 911 operator that he believed his mom wasn’t safe inside the home with her boyfriend, who he thought had a gun. 

The jury heard that Crosson had previously been in a fight with Brandon McEwen’s father and was told to leave the house. 

Brandon McEwen told a lawyer representing the RCMP that he didn’t see the flashbangs or tear gas being deployed, but officers standing with him at the time explained what he was hearing.

“These guys are supposed to be trained professionals, and they didn’t seem that professional in my eyes,” he said.

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