Police fence off 420 celebration at Sunset Beach, seize products at another event

Large crowds were expected at Vancouver’s Sunset Beach Saturday for the annual 420 celebration, but social media posts show that the area has been fenced off.

A heavy police presence can be seen in the area, according to posts.

Meanwhile, VPD officers say they have seized cannabis products from a 420 vendor outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery, the site of another 420 event. Police say the vendor did not have a permit and was selling the products illegally.

Canadian cannabis activist and former 420 organizer Dana Larsen took to social media to say Thornton Park has also been fenced off with a heavy police presence.

Larsen says the Vancouver Police Department and the Vancouver Park Board were working “aggressively” to shut down 420 events this year.

The Vancouver Park Board issued a statement Friday, saying the event was unsanctioned.

Empty Sunset Beach on 420 leaves Vancouver residents confused

Vancouver residents say they are disappointed with the lack of 420 festivities at Sunset Beach.

“I was hoping to shop around, have some fun with some friends, and celebrate a little bit of legal cannabis, but it looks a little dry out here,” a disappointed Vancouverite said.

The resident tells CityNews she’s been celebrating 420 for around eight years and doesn’t like that Sunset Beach is barred.

“I feel quite upset, confused because I read online there was going to be three 420 events here,” she said.

“Little disappointed that this isn’t happening.”

The resident said she read that there would be events at Sunset Beach Park, Thorton Park, and Oppenheimer Park.

CityNews has reached out to the VPD and the Park Board for more information on the shutdown at Sunset Beach.

With files from Angela Bower and Aastha Pandey-Kanaan.

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