Financial Spotlight, brought to you by Vancity

Vancouver financial spotlight

Your financial decisions today are your family’s financial freedom tomorrow.

We’re here to help you navigate those important decisions, with the CityNews 1130 Financial Spotlight.

With financial experts from Vancity, we look at how to manage your holiday credit card bills, capital gains, income taxes, life insurance, growing your money, and more.

The Financial Spotlight is brought to you by Vancity.

Christmas Debt

How do you deal with post-holiday credit card bills? The CityNews 1130 Financial Spotlight, with Vancity, takes a look through some options.

Capital gains

What are capital gains? How do you deal with them?

Debt management

Debt can be a lot, so how do you find your way out?

Emergency funds

Are you prepared financially for an emergency? We’re looking through what you can do in the absence of a rainy day fund.

Paying for health and dental

If you don’t have an extended health or dental plan, what are your options?

Unforeseen expenses

How can a personal loan help with unforeseen expenses?


A look at how you can pay for post-secondary schooling.