Management dropping the ball when it comes to appeasing struggling Whitecaps fans: Solkowski

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – It’s a tough time to be a Vancouver Whitecaps fan.

The club hasn’t won since May 25th, and it appears even the most faithful seem to have had enough.

“The Vancouver Whitecaps are getting set for their biggest week in Major League Soccer when they have a team from Calgary coming to play them with the possibility of being knocked out of tournament of a team playing in a first-year Canadian pro league,” Perry Solkowski with Sportsnet 650 says.

He says the team’s struggles are a tough pill to swallow for the fans who have stood by the Whitecaps.

Solkowski says attendance is dropping.

“I don’t know if this team has been any lower,” he admits. “I think the tough part for fans is here they are in year eight in Major League Soccer and honestly it’s like year one. They completely dismantled what they had, and maybe fans should have realized ‘hey, we’re pretty much an expansion franchise.’

“Right now, I think these fans are going to start speaking by staying away from the game. It’s terrible that eight years in, this is where the franchise is,” Solkowski adds.

He points out no one in management seems to be willing to take any responsibility. Solkowski notes when times are tough it’s important to have a figure head, but adds the only person to have spoken out over the past month is from co-owner Steve Nash, who took to Twitter following Saturday’s 3-1 loss to the San Jose Earthquakes.

In his tweet, Nash told fans to “Hang tough” — a comment he was ripped online for.

“Can you imagine if Francesco Aquilini took to Twitter and said ‘Hang tough, Canucks fans.’ What do you mean hang tough? He was absolutely ripped for it.”

With no plan, no new players, and a new coach who has nothing to do with the past seven years, Solkowski says management has a long way to go.

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