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‘Businesses really need a break’: Calls to suspend B.C. gas tax grow

As gas prices are set to drop in B.C., some are calling for more action to provide relief at the pump across Metro Vancouver.

The Greater Langley Chamber of Commerce thinks it’s time to revisit the idea of suspending the gas tax in B.C.

CEO Cory Redekop says no one thought prices would stay over $2 for this long.

“We are not suggesting this is the only solution and it’s not a permanent solution, but we think consumers and businesses really need a break,” said Redekop.

“We think a temporary suspension while we figure out, is this inflation still going up … (will) give us a chance to catch up here because really, this is a 30 per cent increase in fuel prices in only a few months.”

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Redekop says because the price of gas has such a ripple effect on the economy, a cut to gas taxes could make a big difference to the price of other things.

“For businesses, they’re really seeing the cost of gas all along the supply chain embedding itself in the price that then we all pay as consumers.”

“And that’s why I think we’re seeing inflation at such a high level is that a lot of is being driven by gas prices.”

He predicts if the federal and provincial fuel tax, as well as the GST, is suspended, it could mean British Columbians could save nearly 30 cents per litre.

Ontario temporarily cut its gas tax last week and prices at the pump dropped by an average of 11 cents overnight.

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