Vancouverites are allowed to be smug, Toronto ranked most ‘disappointing’ Canadian city: analysis

Well, Vancouver — it seems you’ve got another reason to be a bit self-congratulatory.

Toronto has been ranked as Canada’s most ‘overrated’ city, according to an analysis by independent market company King Casino Bonus in the United Kingdom.

The poll found 10.9 per cent of visitor reviews found Canada’s largest city “disappointing,” with the most regrettable attraction being the Toronto Zoo.

The market analysis company aggregated online reviews from TripAdvisor in December 2022 to compile the world-wide rankings.

Montreal was a close second to Toronto, with 10.3 per cent of visitor reviews saying the city didn’t live up to expectations. Its most disappointing attraction was the Biodome de Montreal.

Meanwhile, Vancouver placed third in the ranks — 9.3 per cent of reviews found the city disappointing, with Gastown being the most underwhelming attraction.

Ottawa and Quebec City rounded out the top five most disappointing big-city destinations in the country.

When compared to the world’s biggest cities, Toronto was placed 36th overall, while Montreal sat 43rd and Vancouver 56th in global rankings of ‘disappointment.’

Bangkok tops global ranking

Bangkok, Thailand, took the overall disappointing crown, with more than 16 per cent of reviewers saying they left the city disappointed.

“The backpacking district Khao San Road is particularly badly reviewed by visitors and described as extremely touristy and only acceptable if you are young and looking to party. Even the world famous street food of Bangkok left most of the reviewers unimpressed. Famous dishes like Pad Thai might be cheap but lack in quality when handed over to non-locals,” King Casino Bonus said.

Miami, Florida, placed second in the global ranks, with 13.9 per cent of reviewers believing the city is the most overrated in the United States.

“Particularly, the Havana district (with a high concentration of people from neighbouring Cuba) left several commentators feeling underwhelmed. Others expressed Little Havana has lost its charm and feels like a big tourist trap,” the analysis company said.

Maybe surprisingly, or maybe not considering people’s expectations of the major hub, but London, U.K., rounded out the top three, with 13.8 per cent of tourists being disappointed in what it had to offer.

“In particular, the London Eye Ferris wheel, Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben tower received poor reviews. The majority of its visitors felt bored and led them to the conclusion that these sights and the city itself are totally overrated. It’s time to look for new must-see places in London, as the old attractions no longer excite tourists.

“Street food, concerts, nightlife, and art may be more interesting than old buildings and monarch sightings by future generations,” the company said.

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