Broadway bike lanes not likely in Vancouver: councillor

A proposal to add bike lanes to Vancouver’s Broadway corridor is headed to a vote next week, but city staff are recommending taking two of the six lanes on Broadway and turning them into wider sidewalks and public space instead.

One city councillor explains it doesn’t make sense to add the lanes in as there are already options for cyclists to ride nearby.

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“When you look at the Broadway corridor, we already have cycling infrastructure and active transportation infrastructure right along parallel routes on 10th, and also 7th and 8th have that capacity as well. So, to me, the question is, why would we duplicate that infrastructure?” said coun. Brian Montague, one of the seven ABC councillors who make up the current council.

“When you read through the report that staff has provided, it gives some pretty clear reasons as to why that’s the option they’re recommending.”

Montague says although it’s impossible to say how each council member will vote, he says it’s likely that the new bike lanes won’t be happening.

“It’s about creating a Broadway corridor that’s for everybody, accessible to everybody, and one that makes sense,” he said.

“For me, it comes down to a case of you have to look at the pros and cons, take a common sense approach to some of these things,” he said. “Look at the pros and cons and come up with the best decision, and I think staff has done that in their report.”

But coun. Christine Boyle says with all the changes coming to Broadway, now is the right time to add the lanes.

“I think it’s really important that we include active mobility lanes on the resurfacing of Broadway and that we do it now rather than punting it 20-plus years down the road,” she told CityNews on Thursday.

“Now is when we’re doing that resurfacing work so it’s the most cost-effective time to be doing it.”

-With files from Hana Mae Nassar and Cole Schisler 

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