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Canada launches new permanent residency process for skilled workers

The Canadian federal government is addressing the country’s dire need to fill labour vacancies by launching a new process for foreign skilled workers to gain permanent residency.

On Wednesday, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) explains that immigration “emerges as a vital piece” to solving the labour shortage.

“Recognizing this reality, the Government of Canada is building an immigration system that acts as a catalyst for growth, empowering businesses, helping address their labour needs and strengthening French communities. When combined, these efforts will ensure Canadians benefit from economic and social prosperity for years to come,” the department said in a statement.

Under the immigration department’s Express Entry program, a new category-based selection for permanent residency-seekers will mean that invitations to apply will be sent to applicants with specific skills, training, or language ability.


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Candidates who speak French, or have experience in healthcare, STEM professions, trades, transport, and agriculture, amongst others, are among those who will be sent invitations under the program.

“Everywhere I go, I’ve heard loud and clear from employers across the country who are experiencing chronic labour shortages. These changes to the Express Entry system will ensure that they have the skilled workers they need to grow and succeed,” Minister of Immigrations Sean Fraser said.

“We can also grow our economy and help businesses with labour shortages while also increasing the number of French-proficient candidates to help ensure the vitality of French-speaking communities. Put simply, Canada’s immigration system has never been more responsive to the country’s social or economic needs.”

The department notes that the categories were determined by consulting with provinces and territories, along with labour stakeholders and the public.

The first invitations based on skill category are expected to be sent out this summer.

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