Metro Vancouver gas prices to rise this weekend, analyst says

Following a dip in the cost of gas at the pump a couple of weeks ago, prices are on their way back up around Metro Vancouver, one analyst says.

Roger McKnight, En-Pro International’s chief petroleum analyst, suggests that you gas up Friday.

“The Vancouver wholesale price increased by 6.2 cents per litre [Friday]. Pump prices normally don’t change immediately but on a 24-hour delay. If the entire wholesale change price is applied, then pump prices should increase by 6 to 7 cents a litre [Saturday].”

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Prices dipped below the $2 per litre mark for regular gas at the beginning of the month, where it’s been hovering for weeks.

In late August, the region saw some of the highest prices of the year, at $2.14 a litre for regular.

Drivers in Metro Vancouver pay some of the highest gas taxes in Canada, a key factor in determining prices in the region compared to other areas.

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