Video circulates of goat killed by dog in Merritt home: RCMP

Merritt RCMP are investigating a tragic case of alleged animal cruelty after a video circulated on social media of a goat killed by a dog.

On Nov. 24 the RCMP say they were alerted to an online post showing a pit bull violently attacking a goat inside someone’s home — while people stood by and encouraged the dog.

Officers identified the house and got a warrant to search the property near Houston Street at 2600 Granite Avenue.

The SPCA also helped the RCMP during the search.

“Sadly, we found the remains of a goat during our search” said Merritt RCMP’s Sgt. Josh Roda in a release. “We are trying to identify where the goat came from. We would like to determine if the goat was stolen, sold or given away.”

The RCMP are also still trying to figure out where the video was posted. They add that in the video the goat had a white body, the top of its head was brown, and was wearing a collar.

The police are urging anyone with information about the goat to call them at 250-378-4262.

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