Surrey approves 150 more truck parking spots, councillor says still ‘not enough’

Surrey City Council unanimously passed a motion Monday night to convert city land into 150 new parking spaces for commercial trucks.

Councillor Linda Annis says she voted in favour of the motion, despite believing the proposal is hundreds short of what it needs to be.

“It’s 150 more spots than we had before,” she told CityNews after the meeting.

Surrey Councillor Linda Annis standing in front of a black background
Surrey Councillor Linda Annis during an interview in September, 2023. (CityNews Image)

“But I feel that we need to make a much more concentrated effort to get the provincial government, truck drivers, council and staff all together and figure out a long-term plan because this problem is only going to get worse.”

According to the Canadian Trucking Association, Surrey is currently short around 2,000 parking spots, despite being a hub for many of the region’s drivers and trucking companies.

Prior to the meeting, Annis told CityNews this motion would “barely put a dent” in the “long-standing issue” Surrey is facing.

“We need to find better solutions,” she said.

“After their work day, Surrey truck drivers struggle to find a legal spot to park their truck and we need to be looking for any opportunities we can to get this fixed.”

Right now, Annis says truckers are having to break bylaws to find a spot to park and it’s costing them money in tickets.

While she doesn’t know the exact number of spots that are currently available, she says “it’s not nearly enough” and it’s only going to get worse as the economy grows.

“Trucking is an integral part to our distribution and commerce throughout the greater Vancouver Area and these truckers have no place to put their trucks at the end of the day,” she said.

“150 spots is welcome, but it’s just a dent.”

With files from Raynaldo Suarez.

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