Kids with mobility challenges get a chance to walk with robotic legs in Surrey

Children with mobility challenges are getting access to cutting-edge robotic technology to help them move around on their own.

KidsPhysio Surrey has teamed up with a robotics company to bring new technology to children with mobility challenges.

Manmeet Maggu, the co-founder and CEO of Trexo Robotics, says he was inspired to create a robotic exoskeleton that is helping kids take their first steps after he learned his nephew was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and would never get the chance to walk.

“We believe walking is a human right and every child should have the ability to walk,” Maggu said.

“[I] watched him walk his first step — which was the proudest moment of my life — and I started the company to enable walking for any child that wishes to do so.”

Nine-year-old Rose, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was two years old, is getting a chance to walk using the device with the support of her family.

“Rose has been using her wheelchair for about 4 years, and we do have some exercise and practices at home, but we don’t believe that is enough,” said Rose’s father, Afshin Firouzbakhsh.

Right now, Surrey KidsPhysio is the only clinic that offers the robotic leg, but Maggu wants more children with mobility challenges to get the chance to walk on their own.

“This is primarily out-of-pocket, so families that are desperate for technology are having to pay for this,” Maggu said.

“So our goal is to get this approved by insurance programs and the government programs so they can pay for this and kids can get the benefits of walking.”

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