North Vancouver couple tackles unique solar-electric bike ride challenge

LYON, FRANCE (NEWS 1130) – A couple from North Vancouver is taking on a very unique challenge that will see them rowing a solar-electric bike contraption from France to China.

Justin Lemire-Elmore and his fiancée, Anne-Sophie Rodet, landed in Lyons, France this week, part of a group of 40 taking on the so-called Sun Trip.

He explains the challenge is pretty simple; make it 12,000 kilometres using only that bike. However, they won’t be pedaling.

“You’re rowing backwards which makes it even more fun,” chuckles Lemire-Elmore. “We knew we wanted to do the race on a tandem vehicle, but we are both into rowing and boating sports as well, so we thought this would be a great opportunity.”

Lemire-Elmore adds they’re planning to do about 200 kilometres a day on the contraption. “We hope to turn a lot of heads, and encounter a lot of people.”

He says using an electric bike is a better option than anything else.

“It’s a viable means of transportation. I did a cross-Canada trip by electric bike 10 years ago where I had the burden of needing to recharge my battery, finding an outlet every night or every lunch break in order to keep my batteries charged up. [Being] able to just charge from the sun all the time is going to be a sense of freedom that I really look forward to exploring.”

The pair won’t be taking on the whole race; Lemire-Elmore says they’re only doing half of the trip, which is roughly 6,000 kilometres, so they can be back in Canada in time for their wedding in August.

They are hoping they can meet up with another couple on the race trail and have them take the bike to the finish line.

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