Hyundais being targeted in North Vancouver by catalytic converter thieves

The North Vancouver RCMP is warning car owners that catalytic converter thieves have been targeting Hyundais in the region.

Mounties say there has been a “dramatic” increase in thefts of the vehicle parts, mostly taking place in the Cleveland, Grousewoods, Hansdsworth, and Lynn Valley neighbourhoods.

“As is often the case, our biggest investigational asset are vigilant community members,” said Const. Mansoor Sahak. “Surveillance footage is an immensely helpful resource that we lean on for identifying suspects and the patterns that can lead to an arrest. If a thief knows they’re being recorded and the whole neighbourhood is on the lookout, they’ll be more likely to change their plans.”

Police explain that the converters — which convert harmful exhaust pollutants into “less harmful emissions” — are often stolen by thieves with the intention of selling them to a recycling facility, as they contain a small amount of valuable metal.

“A new catalytic converter costs between $100 and $200, but having one professionally installed could be hundreds of dollars extra. The majority of vehicles being targeted are Hyundai’s Tucson and Santa Fe models,” Mounties explained.

“With the right tools and technical knowledge, a catalytic converter can be removed quickly – 30 seconds flat in some cases,” explained Sahak.

“However, this is a noisy process. If you find yourself waking to the sound of power tools at an ungodly hour and spot a suspicious person underneath a car, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.”

Police are asking anyone who thinks they may have seen a theft take place or any information about the spike in thefts to call the North Vancouver RCMP detachment at (604)-985-1311.

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