TransLink Mayors’ Council to talk property, gas taxes

Lower Mainland mayors are coming together Thursday to talk about TransLink’s finances, eyeing ways to increase its revenue to keep up with growth in the region.

The TransLink Mayors’ Council will also be eyeing your back pocket, as fare increases and gas and property taxes are all on the table.

The Mayors’ Council says it needs the public transit system to keep up with demand, lessen congestion, and add services.

But, considering its well-known issues with a lack of funding, the civic politicians are looking at Lower Mainland residents to fill the gap.

When it comes to fare increases, there’s a four per cent jump planned for next year, a three per cent increase in 2026, and two per cent hikes in the years to follow.

And the transit provider will continue to siphon some revenue when you pay your municipal property taxes.

The Mayors’ Council explains the 18.5 cents a litre TransLink gas tax will continue but doesn’t expect that fee to go up.

The meeting is slated to begin at 9 a.m. Thursday. You can watch CityNews 24/7 live or listen live to CityNews 1130 to keep up to date with this story. You can also subscribe to breaking news alerts sent directly to your inbox.

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